House Rules

Prairie View Student Housing Apartment Rules: A non-smoking property.  All tenants and their guests, agree to avoid the use of tobacco in the house. Tenants will be evicted for non-payment of Rent, Electric, or any Violation Fees.

  • No Parties Allowed (Eviction Enforced)
  • No Pets Allowed (Eviction Enforced)
  • No Smoking in the House (Eviction Enforced)
  • Do Not Litter (Clean-up Violation Fee Charged)
  • Do Not Park in Fire Zones, and None Parking Areas
  • Do Not Wash or Repair Cars On The Property
  • Do Not Attach Items To The Exterior Walls, Stairs, Porch, Patio
  • Do Not Disturb The Peace With Loud Noises At Any Time
  • Do Not Paint, Write, or Put Larger Than a Nail Hole on the Walls
  • Do Not Put Stickers or Adhesive Items On Any Walls, Furniture, Appliance
  • Do Not Pour Grease, Down the Sink, Drain, Toilet, Or On The Property
  • Do Not Put Obstructive Or Offensive Items Anywhere On The Property
  • Do Not Overload the Washing Machines & Dryers
  • Do Not Keep Trash or Unsanitary Items In The Room or Any Where On The Property
  • You Must Use Have Permission For Guests Who Stay More Than 2 Days
  • Houses are Exterminated/Filter Changed and Inspected Quarterly.


Apartment Rules - Prairie View STUDENT HOUSING
Apartment Rules - Prairie View STUDENT HOUSING